How It Works

We are proud to offer expert advice that puts your child at the centre of the process of curriculum awareness, school placement or school onboarding support. Our consultants have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the different education systems in Kenya.

First Contact

Breaking The Ice

Our parents and guardians can reach us by calling us or through our social media or website


Package Selection

We engage with information on our packages and once we confirm what package the parent or guardian wants, we share with them an engagement form to complete.


Need Analysis

We then schedule an initial engagement between the parent and a consultant for a detailed need’s assessment. The Lead Compass Consultant also takes the parent through the details of the package they have selected.


Finding The Right Match

Customers who select the collaboration and concierge packages continue engagements with the education consultancy team in finding the right school fit for the children and providing any additional support required.

School Tours

Checking Facilities

Upon providing detailed reports of the schools identified as suitable based on the brief provided, school tours are scheduled for the shortlisted schools selected by the parent or guardian. Parents on the collaboration package are accompanied where required.


Offer Letter

Where required, the children go through the various interviews at the preferred schools, where accepted, an offer letter is received from the school.


Lead Compass Consultants can support the parents through the application process as they will have guided on what the requirements of each school are. Once the parents or guardians, complete the enrolment process, we look forward with you to the school start date

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School Placement

Early Childhood (Nursery, Kindergarten for 2.5 – 5 years)

The foundation of a child’s education is of high importance. With the learning programs being quite diverse, each school whether local or international curriculum aims to use its respective models to support the formation of the child’s character.

Our aim is to demystify the models and help the parent/guardian understand the programs and in turn enable the decision-making process.

School Placement

Primary/ Preparatory and High School (5-16 years)

As the child continues to be moulded both academically and non-academically, each parent aspires to offer the best education they can to their child, so we aim to equip you with the learning of the various curriculums and information of the schools to make the right choices.

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School Placement

Sixth Form School (16+ years)

Depending on the curriculum selected, both local and international educational pathways offer school programs for the student after high/middle school and before university or tertiary education. The main international curriculum options include AS and A Level from Cambridge Curriculum, Diploma and Career program from International Baccalaureate (IB) and BTEC in Pearson Edexcel. The CBC curriculum is expected to roll-out specialised pathways i.e., Arts and Sports Science Pathway, Social Sciences Pathway, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Pathway

What better partner than Lead Compass. Through our various packages we help you make informed choices on the education pathway of your children as you prepare them for transition to higher institutions of learning.