In this day and age when our calendars are busy with work and family demands, many parents sometimes do not know where to start in a school search process and simply settle for enquiring from friends and relatives which schools their children go to and take the decisions of those schools.

While this approach has been acceptable to many, Lead Compass seeks to work with parents in not just placing a child in any school but in helping them identify the needs they are seeking to fulfil in the child’s education journey.

Indeed, this cannot be a random decision so we want to make the process thoughtful, insightful and empowering for the parent/guardian whether the child is in Nursery/kindergarten, primary/preparatory, high school or sixth form (AS and A Level, BTEC, Diploma Program, etc). This applies to day-schooling as well as boarding school options.

Awareness Package

  • Are you a parent with children in a curriculum you would want to understand better?
  • As your child progresses from primary to high school and beyond, is it important to understand the education pathway and thus be ahead on the curve in planning higher levels of education whether local or abroad?
  • Or do you just want to appreciate what your children learn and how the curriculum pathway progresses?

Our awareness service allows parents including prospective parents to engage with our education consultants who take you through the curriculum of interest. Our consultants are trained teachers who also have work experience in various curriculums at various stages of the education pathway. We match each parent with a suitable consultant who is well versed with the curriculum of interest.

Collaboration Package

For parents who want support in finding a school and curriculum best suited for their child(ren), our collaboration package provides:

  • Guidance on the various curriculum options available in the market.
  • Parent engagement service to establish the child(ren) needs and the kind of schools they are looking for.
  • Engagement with schools on the parent’s behalf. We look through our wide database to find the schools that best fit the parent’s brief.
  • Scheduling of school visits and tours with the preferred and shortlisted schools for a firsthand experience of the school environment and the school administration.

Concierge Package

In addition to the services provided under the collaboration product, we provide a value addition service for clients who may be seeking executive assistant support.

This package is most helpful for:

  • Any parent who may be residing abroad, returning residents or expatriates who during the time of transition would be seeking the support of someone on the ground on documents, escort to the school visits, assistance in shopping for uniforms, books and other items.
  • This service is also available to any parent residing locally whose work schedules or current situation does not allow the parent to handle various requirements on a timely basis.