Who We Are

Having started the program in 2019, Lead Compass is an education consultancy service that seeks to empower the parents’ and guardians in the decision-making process of children’s’ education pathway.

With the growth of schools in the private education sector and the diverse options of local and international curriculums, decisions around the choice of schools and curriculums can be challenging especially with lack of knowledge on what the curriculums entail.

With our team of education consultants, we take pride in being a companion to private and corporate clients helping them find the direction that is best suited for their children’s educational needs. In addition, through our journey, we avail information to families on opportunities that they may not have been aware of without our assistance.

Lead Compass is an environment where parents and/or guardians can make financially sound decisions, are confident, and enjoy peace of mind concerning their children's education and future.


We offer actionable information on available educational facilities, curriculum, and a listening ear to capture you and your children's needs and as a result, equip you to confidently make decisions on school placement, define the learning pathway, and help you attain peace of mind regarding their education.

Core Values

Our Core values include:

  • Excellence
  • Listening
  • Providing a personalized touch
  • Trust, reliability and integrity


A world where education is a destiny shaper for all stakeholders involved.

Brand Mantra

Shaping Destinies