Sigrid Mboya

Education Consultant

She has previously taught Montessori at Bunks and Bundles and the British national curriculum (Cambridge) at Lavington Kindergarten and her current school, Kensington Kindergarten.

She has held the positions of Head of Modern Foreign Languages at Hillcrest Prep, Head of French at The Banda and Head of the Learning Support Department at Rainbow International School in Kampala, Uganda. She believes in enjoyment while learning and loves to research new and diverse teaching methods.

Sigrid has taught many young adults to be successful teachers during her time as lecturer with KHA (Kindergarten Headmistress Association) and she is the cofounder of TAWC, an NGO that creates awareness among teachers and caregivers on the importance of child sexual abuse prevention education. Sigrid mentors and coaches’ parents with young children, who are having difficulty with the challenges of parenting. In her spare time, she enjoys long hikes in the beautiful Karura Forest with friends and family and loves to travel.